Casino Marketing Strategies That Make Customers Feel Like VIPs


A casino is a place where champagne glasses clink, and tourists and locals mingle to create a sense of excitement and fun. While some patrons may be trying to win big, most people are just having a good time. This positive attitude is what makes casinos a popular attraction and what sets them apart from other places to gamble.

As a result, casino marketing strategies should be centered around making customers feel as good as possible. This includes everything from elevating food and entertainment options to implementing proximity marketing techniques. These strategies can help casinos attract more customers and stay competitive in the future.

While most casino visitors are happy enough just to gamble and eat, the average casino patron also wants to be treated like a VIP. This is why casinos often offer a wide variety of incentives for their biggest spenders. This can include free hotel rooms, meals, shows and even airline tickets. These incentives are called comps.

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