What You Need to Know About Casino Security

Whether you are visiting a casino for the first time or have been to one before, you may be interested in learning about the security procedures of the facility. These security measures help casinos protect their customers from theft and other criminal acts.

There are several different forms of security employed by casinos, including cameras. These cameras monitor each table, doorway, and window. They also record video feeds. This footage can be reviewed after the fact to determine if there are any unusual behaviors.

There are also security guards on the floor. Some casinos have catwalks extending above the gaming area to allow surveillance personnel to see directly down. This helps them distinguish between the gaming floor and the public right-of-way.

In addition to these security measures, most casinos have a large staff of people who know what they are doing. These people include the dealers, pit bosses, and managers. These employees watch the games to make sure no cheating occurs.

Often, the games played in casinos are regulated by state laws. The games are designed to give the casino a mathematical expectancy of winning. This is called the house edge, or rake.

Gambling encourages scamming and cheating. This can hurt the casino’s profits.

There are a number of games of chance in casinos, such as roulette, blackjack, and craps. The casino makes money by accepting bets from customers and paying a commission. A few of these games, such as baccarat and poker, are considered to be dark sides of casinos.