Your Favorite Beer Could Be Causing You to Have Man Boobs, According to Science


    If you have ever had an IPA, then you know it can be both bitter and strong.  And while IPAs may not be for everyone, there are many of us that do enjoy them, which means that there could be quite a few of us that are well on our way to man boobs, according to science.

    IPA, for those who do not know, stands for India Pale Ale, and the hops it contains are actually what can cause man boobs. Hops are flowers off of the hop plant that is used as a flavoring and stabilizer in beer. They give the beer that bitter or zesty flavor. Hops are not all bad and they can be used as a sleep inducer, diuretic, or a source of phytoestrogen to treat menopause.

    You see, the phytoestrogen in these beers benefits women but has negative effects on men. This can also cause problems for them in the bedroom. There are actually tons of people out there in this world who drink these beers on a daily basis but do not realize the side effects they are putting themselves at risk for. Hops are also quite responsible for things like sluggishness, premature aging, beer guts, and abnormal blood clotting. 

    About 99 percent of all beers list hops as an ingredient these days, so it is actually pretty hard to avoid. There is actually a lot of evidence showing that estrogen contributes to the formation of breasts in men as well as uterine cancers. Hops have actually even been marketed as a breast enhancement product before. If you have been drinking beer with hops don’t worry, you can rid your body of this estrogen by following the directions in the video below.

    If you must drink I suggest going for a hop-less beer. For more information on the negative side of hops take the time to watch the video below. If you don’t mind the man boobs, please continue.

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