You Will Want To Recycle Everything After Seeing These Photos!


    Pollution has been defined as the contamination of air, water, soil, and ecosystems by the introduction of an unnatural contaminant into a natural environment. 

    A Bird in an Oil Spill

    A Homeless Koala

    A Tortoise Stuck in Plastic

    A Turtle Stuck in Canned Drink Rings

    A Child Drinking Polluted Water

    A Bird Living in a Nest Built from Plastic Debris

    A Bird that Died from Ingesting Plastic

    A Bird Trapped in Plastic

    A Polluted River

    A Sea Lion Injured in His Own Habitat

    What Air Pollution Really Looks Like

    A Cat Sleeping in a Pile of Garbage in Morocco

    Child Swimming in Pollution

    A Toad Living in Oil

    Penguins Covered in Oil

    A Boy Scavaging Plastic to Sell

    Surfing a Wave of Trash in Indonesia

    A Crab Living in a Bottle

    Turtle Population Killed in Tunesia by Pollution

    A Raccoon Hooked by a Fishing Hook

    Unfortunately, many are completely in the dark regarding the atrocities surrounding pollution and the havoc it has wreaked throughout the world. However, by raising awareness to the damage it is doing not only to our planet but the life contained on it, maybe we can change this.

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