You Can Now Upload Knowledge Directly into Your Brain (Video)

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    Sure, we have seen these sorts of things happen in movies but you would assume we are not quite there yet in real life, right? WRONG!

    This technology is actually being developed right now by a team of from Hughes Research Laboratories based here in California. They have come up with a simulator that can feed information directly into people’s brains. In doing this, they will be able to teach people new skills in a much shorter amount of time and teach them things they may have otherwise not been able to understand.

    This process is going to be quite interesting as things unravel. According to information on the HRL website, these researchers have found that low-current electrical brain stimulation can modify the learning of complex skills in the real world. This has been something they have been studying for quite some time now.

    Dr. Mathew Phillips of HRL and his team have used transcranial direct current simulations (tDCS) to improve learning and skill retention. In this experiment, professional and amateur pilots were used. Those who received brain stimulation via electrode-embedded head caps actually improved their piloting abilities much better than those who did not receive them. Their research has been showing that tDCS is quite effective in accelerating practical learning.

    Dr. Phillips said:

    “As we discover more about optimizing, personalizing, and adapting brain stimulation protocols, we’ll likely see these technologies become routine in training and classroom environments. It is possible that brain stimulation could be implemented for classes like drivers’ training, SAT prep, and language learning,”

    The study mentioned above was published in the journal Frontiers in Human Neuroscience. While this is something that sounds like it is coming straight out of a movie it is anything but. It has a scientific basis and a system that is the first of its kind. For more information on this check out the video below. Would you ever give this a try? I am both shocked and amazed!

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