WWF Warns All Fish May Go Extinct Within Next 30 Years


    According to the World Wildlife Fund, fish populations are decreasing dramatically around the world. Their research indicates that their existence could come to an end by the year 2048.

    Currently, the American population consumes around 7 million tons of seafood. With the amount increasing over the years due to global popularity, the seafood industry has become immensely popular. The industry itself is now a $370 billion dollar endeavor. Unfortunately due to this, the world’s fisheries are slowly but surely dwindling down to nothing.

    Over-fishing is the main reason for this, according to the WWF. 53% of all of the world’s fisheries are now in full exploitation, while 32% are massively over-exploited or already depleted.

    One practice in particular, cyanide fishing, which is where fisherman implement amounts of sodium cyanide into the water to stun the fish actually kills coral and algae which is necessary for the existence of many fish and marine animals. One study estimated that for each fish killed this way, an entire coral reef is destroyed. In this process, dolphins and turtles are also killed.

    A study conducted in 2006 indicated that if these practices and trends continue to grow, we could see an entire collapse in the global fish populations. The researchers who worked on the study found that water quality had decreased due to an increased amount of over-fishing and that biodiversity was suffering as well. These factors drastically reduced the ocean’s ability to provide food for wildlife. At the time, they did insist that these horrendous implications could be reversed if something was done to help.

    Unfortunately, the study did not take into consideration disasters such as the Fukushima radioactive fallout, or the BP Deepwater Horizon spill. They also failed to incorporate pollution created by corporations, militaries, and governments who continue to put marine environments at risk. While the WWF did report on a massive majority of the issues in which marine life is currently enduring, they were unable to provide an accurate picture of the damage that is being done to our oceans. It is truly important for people to begin to realize this travesty for what it is, so that we may begin actually working towards a better outcome. If not, we may lose the provider of the seafood we obviously enjoy.

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