World’s Largest Cloning Facility is Now Ready to Replicate Humans


    The largest cloning facility in the world, the Boyalife corporation, is located in China’s Tianjin. They will begin production soon and, the owner states that he is ready to begin cloning humans.

    According to the company owner, Xu Xiachun, the only problem with this would be the public uproar and disgust surrounding the topic. While it may seem a bit bizarre to imagine cloning at first, just take a walk through your local grocery store. During your visit, there is almost a 100% chance that you will encounter clones of various forms of produce.

    Xu Xiachun wants to take this process to the next level, meaning that his endeavor would be to clone animals and even possibly humans. His goal is to work alongside the Sooam Biotech Research Foundation and Chinese Academy of Sciences to collaborate on a human cloning project.

    Of course, the subject of human cloning involves many ethical issues. Should we use such technology to clone people we know in order to preserve their lives? Could death one day have an entirely different meaning?

    Cloning would also provide people who otherwise couldn’t have children to reproduce which would bring about an entirely different ethical argument. We could also see cloning provide us with the ability to cure people from various forms of disease both mental and physical. While currently, such science is not completely understood, as the research surrounding it becomes more enhanced, we could have our questions answered. Unfortunately, only time will tell.

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