World’s Coziest Cabin Lets People (Literally) Sleep Under The Stars


    If you are looking for the ultimate getaway, then look no further, as apparently it is located in Italy. This beautiful and completely off the grid hotel allows for you to stay the night underneath the alpine sky.

    The completely glass room is located at around 6,700 feet up in the Dolomites, which is a mountain range in northern Italy that is part of the alps. It was designed by Raniero Campigotto, who works as a manager at the nearby Rifugio Col Gallina and costs 300 euros per night with breakfast and dinner included. 

    You may be wondering why someone would want to stay in a completely secluded glass room in the mountains. The general idea is to provide the person that is staying with a rare chance to not only sleep underneath the stars but to truly experience the alps. Furthermore, the entire basis behind a vacation is to ‘getaway’ and what better way to truly escape than to hide out, secluded in the mountains, underneath one of the most magnificent skylines in the world?

    The room itself is styled in a similar fashion to the tiny houses that have recently become trendy. While much of it is composed of wood, the walls facing the skyline are created from glass, giving the person staying in the room a unique viewing treat.

    From a distance, it almost looks like a tiny box, however, it is indeed big enough to stay in for the night, comfortably.

    Surrounding the tiny room is absolutely nothing by the great outdoors.

    What better way to escape a hectic and busy life than to stay in a tiny house located in the middle of nowhere? Furthermore, your meals are included, the price is quite reasonable, and the alps are beyond anything imagined. Where can we sign up?

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