WORLD UFO DAY: 'Aliens have visited Earth' is the verdict


The high level of believers can be revealed today ahead of World UFO Day tomorrow.

There were 1,306 responses to our survey which asked if readers thought the truth was out there.

Eighty per cent (1,044) of people said there was already compelling evidence that intelligent aliens had visited our planet.

The remaining 20 per cent (261) thought if there were aliens they were too far away and had not made it here yet.

World UFO Day is an annual event during which alien-themed events take place across the globe.

Its website states: “Our main vision is to take a worldwide celebrated holiday and make people aware of the UFO phenomenon during this day. We see a future in which UFOs aren’t speculations anymore, but part of daily life.”

In March reported how there were claims that a race of aliens known as the Pleiadians were already living on Earth.

Remarkably, of the 2,731 people who responded to a separate survey asking if they believed the Pleiadians were living on Earth, more than a third of voters thought they were.

There were 1,611 voters (59 per cent) who branded the claim nonsense and 1,119 (41 per cent) who thought it was true.

Also in March. we revealed how two UFO investigators believed there had never been a picture taken of an alien craft, despite numerous claims to the contrary.

In another we survey we asked if readers agreed there had never been any inexplicable pictures of UFOs taken.

There were 1,298 votes, and 58 per cent (752) of readers said there was compelling evidence of aliens through pictures and testimonies.

Only 42 per cent (545) agreed that all the pictures they had seen were just blurs. 

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