World Famous Psychologist Defines the Four Stages of Human Life!


    Life is such an amazing and complex thing. We are extremely privileged to be able to have life, even though it gets really tough sometimes. There are four different stages throughout your life, and you have to adjust to each one!

    Life is one thing, but humans are that much more complex and interesting. Not only our anatomical structures, but our expansive interconnectedness with the universe. We go throughout life unknowing of what we are truly supposed to be doing, and what the purpose of life is. According to Carl Jung, it is our refusal of opening up to new things that causes you to become so unhappy.

    “As far as we can discern, the sole purpose of human existence is to kindle a light of meaning in the darkness of mere being.” – Carl Jung

    Carl Jung is a world class psychologist and he created some of the best known psychological concepts of our four different stages in life. He is even responsible for the archetypes, collective unconscious, the complex, and the extraversion and inversion. According to him, there are four different archetypes, or stages in our human lives.

    The Athlete

    This is the least mature stage. In this stage we are selfish and we care more about our physical appearance than our soul and spirits. This phase can easily form a narcissist because during this time we value the body much more than the heart and soul.

    The Warrior

    The warrior is the beginning of the adulthood phase. It begins when people are gradually learning how to deal with responsibilities. This is also when we want to conquer the world. We seek to be the best and have all of the best things. In the warrior phase we do exactly what a warrior does. We prepare for battle and when it comes we give it our damned best effort. In this phase we continually search for different options and solutions.

    The Statement

    During this stage a person will understand that we are not going to get all the things we want in life. You don’t really really achieve your biggest desires because life can not be planned. Here we realize that happiness does not come from the chasing. You realize that money, things, possessions, people’s opinions, and power do not make you happy or fulfilled. When you accept these things you are grateful and happy.

    The Spirit

    In the final stage of human life is the phase where we realize that previous three chapters are not who we really were. During this stage you finally come to terms with your true self, and it is much clearer to you that people are not just bodies. You value the ones you love and the memories you’ve made from a lifetime. You take no pride in objects and materialistic concepts.

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