Witness claims he was hounded by 'Men in Black' after seeing UFOs fly at hyper speed


The witness, who has not been named, has reported the bizarre series of events to the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON), the world’s biggest UFO investigation group based in the USA.

He claimed in a report to the organisation that he, his son and his son’s girlfriend saw 12 strange orange objects in the sky above St Augustine, Florida, before receiving the visits.

Men in Black are a mythological group of secret service agents who try to silence UFO and alien witnesses from speaking out.

Conspiracy theorists claim world governments are obsessed with trying to keep an alleged truth that aliens HAVE visited Earth from the public amid fears over the impact it would have on belief in religion and the rule of law.

The black-suited and shades wearing agents are allegedly used to intimidate people into keeping stum.

Last week Express.co.uk reported how conspiracy theorists were alleging the mysterious deaths of two UFO researchers across the globe were actually at the hands of such MIB.

Despite making details of the sighting public via MUFON, which keeps a public database of such reports, the man said he claimed to the agents he would keep quiet

He wrote: “Since then I have experienced many strange things. And I think I was visited twice by the MIB.

“They didn’t say nothing. But when they came close to the house I said pretty much, ‘OK OK. Mums the word’.

“So I’m worried I’ll lose my family. And that’s not cool because I am going to be a grandfather real soon.”

Earlier in the report he had described the sighting.

He said his son’s girlfriend was the first to see them on her way back from a supermarket.

He wrote: “When she returned home she came in yelling ‘What are those orange lights in the sky?’

“So my son, the girl and myself went outside to see what she was talking about.

“Then we saw them. It was just getting dark but we saw the first one coming through the canopy of trees we were under.

“Then another and another. They all were in formation and when each craft reached a certain point they turned east and all you saw was a flash of the crafts hitting hyper space.

“So I am wondering if we are the first to ever see a craft hit hyper space?”

The sighting was in February 2014, but details have only now been given to MUFON.

MUFON takes the names of those that report sightings, but does not make them public.

It is investigating, but has confirmed that it receives a number of prank witness statements.

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