WikiLeaks: John Podesta Attended Satanic ‘Spirit Cooking’ Party


    Has Satanism infiltrated the Washington elite?

    New WikiLeaks emails suggest John Podesta attended a “Spirit Cooking” dinner party at Marina Abramovich’s house.

    Given what we know about the performance artist’s occult fascination, it’s safe to assume they weren’t saying the Lord’s Prayer.

    John Podesta Marina Abramovich

    Spirit Cooking, according to article about Marina Abramovich, “is about the conversion of matter into energy, of the material into the spiritual.



    WikiLeaks has revealed pedophile related 'code words' in their batch of Podesta emails

    Abramovic derives her inspiration from the popular belief that the spirits still need food even though it is no longer solid, but in the form of light, sound and emotions.

    This superstition is found in numerous cultures and there are even strict rules as to how this spiritual fare should be prepared.

    In this paradox, in the material underpinning of something immaterial, the physical and spiritual worlds meet.

    Or to use her own words, ‘When you make something visible for something invisible, the invisible becomes visible.’

    Marina Abramovich has long been associated with the occult. Her performance art often features Satanic themes and mock human sacrifice.

    Take a look at this performance at the MoCA annual gala. Warning: NSFW.

    She also performed a mass ritual – disguised as a TED talk.

    And she is fond of pentagrams – and associating with celebrities such as Jay-Z and Lady Gaga.

    Marina Abramovich's work of art titled 'Lips of Thomas'

    Marina Abramovich’s work of art titled ‘Lips of Thomas’

    Here she is performing with Jay-Z – a declared Satanist.

    Perhaps we we shouldn’t be surprised Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager John Podesta attends Satanic Spirit Cooking dinners. After all, Hillary Clinton has banned use of the word “God” during her campaign. Watch this woman struggle with her natural instincts while Hillary smiles knowingly at her side.

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