Why You Need To Stop Putting Toilet Paper Down On Public Toilet Seats Immediately



Most people have a phobia of pubic bathrooms for fear of unsanitary conditions and the fact is it’s understandable. But sometimes we have no other choice, we just have to go and face our fears or risk a horrible accident in our pants. So what do we do, when we go? We put toiler paper on the seat as a safety measure of course. But how effective is that?

Turns out it’s not really effective at all. You might think the toilet seat would be the most disgusting disease ridden part of the bathroom
right? well, according to science it’s not. And here comes the shocker….

Toilet seats are actually designed to prevent bacteria
from hanging around on them, but the real germ threat can be found on the toilet paper itself!

When you flush toilets, the bacteria splashes across
the room and gets on everything. So if it has a lid, make sure you cover it before you flush or you risk it landing directly on you!

Check out this cool, but somewhat disturbing video below to learn more;

The best way to combat the germs is actually by simply washing your hands, and it doesn’t hurt to actually carry your own toilet paper too.

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