What Predators Look For When You Post Photos of Your Children


    Sadly the world we live in these days is very fucked up. There are predators lurking around every corner.

    For those who are not aware trading explicit photos of people and children is a past time for many. Just last year in Australia a website come to light that was being used to share photos of school girls that had some people offering money to those who could get more explicit photos of their favorites. Your photos could easily be used in pedophile rings without you even knowing. This sort of thing can happen without the police being able to contact you regarding it, because of the masked IP addresses and such being used on these sites. There are tons of sites dedicated to these disgusting predators and quite a few that teach them how to cover their tracks.

    These predators may not touch your child (that is a very scary possibility though) but the will steal your photos of your child. They will take any images that have any sort of erotic potential. Yes, those photos of your toddler in nothing but a diaper will be downloaded and used.

    These are the things predators look for when looking through your photos:

    The obvious things like:

    • Naked children in the bathtub.
    • Children in their diapers/undies.
    • Photos of nude children with emoticons over their genitals.
    • Photos of teens in bathing suits (on their account or yours.)

    These can all be photoshopped to have genitals.

    Less obvious things like:

    • Photos that look like your child is a part of a sexual act. (yes a photo of your preteen eating a popsicle looking at the camera or things of that nature. Even a toddler bending down in nothing but a diaper.)

    In photos like this a male can be photoshopped in or even a lewd remark added to make it seem sexual.

    • Children of social media celebrities are also targeted more because there are often more photos posted of them. The more photos they can get their hands on the more they will want more. They will develop sick fantasies about these children.

    Even if you have your photos set to friends only on Facebook your ‘friends’ could be the people we are warning you about. In many cases, pedophiles that are caught have been trusted members of families. When it comes to our children we cannot be safe enough.

    When you post photos of your children online you need to make sure the photo is appropriate and not able to be used in that way. Make sure it is a small enough image that another person cannot be photoshopped into it and that they are not in a state of undress no matter how cute it is to you.

    There are predators everywhere and we are not always aware of them. If you don’t want your children photoshopped into sexual acts and viewed by millions of pedophiles, then you need to take all the necessary safety precautions. (I know that is a bit much but it is the terrifying truth.)

    We can never be too safe.

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