We Are Born Geniuses But The Education System Dumbs Us Down, New Study Shows


    According to a recent groundbreaking study, we are actually born much smarter than we end up. Furthermore, the study asserts that children become less creative over time, because of outside influences.

    The study, which was conducted by Dr. George Land, Bet Jarman and NASA, was created in order to measure the creative potential of future engineers and rocket scientists. However, taking into account how those people were able to solve problems with multiple solutions, the test found much more.

    By studying 1,600 children, NASA, Jarman, and Land took their test a bit further. What they found was that children under 5 were still 98% genius. However, as they reached the point of 10 years old that number dropped to 30%. At 15, they had dropped all the way to 12%. Then, to go even further, they tested 280,000 adults. Only 2% of them were geniuses.

    In the TED talk below, you can hear George Land for yourself, as he explains the ongoing studies that have been conducted around the concept of creativity and knowledge.

    According to Land, there are two types of creative thinking, divergent and convergent. Divergent thinking means that you created the thought, rather than just observing the thought. Unfortunately, in schools, we are teaching children both types of thinking, which is impossible to be learned at the same time. Instead, Land believes that if we allowed people to split their thinking processes into various different states, to make each of them more effective.

    Furthermore, he explains that we can encourage our children’s creativity by allowing them to think for themselves. Let them come up with their own ideas and insights, and allow them room to believe.

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