WATCH: Mystery blacked-out military helicopter chases after UFO along British coast


In the clip, the small dark ring flies into the distance as the helicopter trails behind several minutes later.

The dad-of-four, who lives in Southampton, said: “As I went back into the house to look at the footage, within two minutes the helicopter was above the house so I ran back outside with the camcorder and the chopper was on the same path as the object in the sky.

“Notice in the video the helicopter is turning as if looking for something.”

Black helicopters have been commonly spotted in areas following UFO sightings in the past.

Alien conspiracy theorists suggest the helicopters are part of a covert military force engaged in a secret UFO monitoring program – the basis of the money-spinning Will Smith Men In Black movies.

Declassified FBI files from the 1960s revealed how Colorado ranchers reported a jet-black aircraft during a wave of strange cattle mutilation cases.

Mr Cooper, 49, rejects claims that the UFO he filmed was just a balloon or drone.

He said: “It’s most certainly not a balloon because the wind would have made it act like a balloon and gave it more of a wobble or speed it up or made it move erratically.

“There was no movements like that at all.”

He added: “On closer inspection on the PC I noticed that zooming into the object it looks like it has a hole in the centre.

“The same day a friend told me he had also taken a closer look at the video and found strange things hiding in the clouds.”

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