WATCH: Moment 'child saint' corpse opens and closes her eyes 300 YEARS after she died


The 300-years-old corpse of St Innocence is on display at the Cathedral of Guadalajara in Mexico.

The visitor who caught the rare occurrence on film said he did not notice the saint had opened her eyes until hours after when he showed the footage to his family.

Town residents have prayed to Santa Inocencia for centuries after she took First Communion against her father’s wishes. 

The saint is regarded as highly miraculous, granting wishes to Catholic devouts who visit Guadalajara.

As story goes, the little girl’s father stabbed her to death in a rage after she ignored his demands not to become a Catholic.

After realising he had committed a horrific act, the man left his house screaming.

As neighbours gathered to see what the commotion was about, they found the girl in her last breath and decided to take her to the cathedral where moments earlier she had happily taken holy communion. 

Her body was treated with wax and laid to rest inside the Catholic cathedral.

The dead in Latin America may have some trouble finding peace in the after life, as just last month a spirit was caught on CCTV in Peru.

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