WATCH: 'Ghost plague doctor' captured on camera stalking streets


The being, in a long black hooded cloak with a beaked mask, shoulder bag and white stick, has been taunting people in historic Chester.

The mystery person wash spotted several times by spooked residents, usually at night.

This footage is the first time they were captured on camera, with the film apparently taken at daylight on a section of the Chester’s Roman walls, by the River Dee.

In the short clip, entitled ‘The Chester ChronicleCreepy plague man vid’ the person surveys the river, then heads off in the opposite direction.

Plague doctors wore beaked masks full of herbs and spices and used sticks to avoid contact with infected patients in the cities they worked in.

Antonio Chester, a well known local Twitter account, released the footage after claiming to have received it anonymously.

Initially, no one was able to unmask the plague doctor, or discover if a team of people were behind the creepy stunt.

But those behind it have set up their own Facebook account to taunt locals, with postings such as “Where shall I roam tonight?” and “I wonder how many of you will find me”.

Natasha Beach tweeted: “So in my home town there’s a guy roaming the streets at night dressed as a plague doctor and freaking people out.”

Twitter user @its_hayleyx wrote: “So the fact someone is lurking around Chester dressed as a plague doctor is making me want to never leave the house because they terrify me.”

But it was later revealed the stunt was a marketing ploy for a new gore-themed history of medicine visitor attraction opening on the City walls this summer.

Chester-based social enterprise Big Heritage finally owned up to being behind the trick after the story hit the national headlines.

Company managing director Dean Paton said: “It will be a visitor attraction that pushes boundaries, educates, entertains and occasionally induces vomiting. 

“That’s Big Heritage in a nutshell.

“The plague doctor plays a big part in this story, so we thought we would bring him to life.”

Last October, a creepy video emerged showing a person in a plague doctor outfit who was revealing a series of cryptic clues.

But there was no link to the Chester footage.

The mystery mirrored the case of a creepy clown who perplexed locals in Northampton in 2013.

Pictures of the clown, based on Stephen King’s clown from the book and film It, in several locations emerged online.

He was later unmasked as local film maker Alex Powell.

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