Watch: Employee Reveals What CERN Really Is


    CERN is something we do not understand. Some people believe CERN is something that destroyed our universe and sent us to a parallel one that we are currently living in. Other people think it is simply a waste of money and is a ‘simple’ particle accelerator. What is really going on?

    Brian Cox a physicist who works at CERN goes over all of this and tries to explain just what CERN is for those who are curious. Cox has several books for those who wish to delve into physics and what it is and is a genius, to say the least. You can find tons of videos of his speeches all over youtube and it is clear he has done a lot mind blowing work, to say the least.

    To hear what Cox has to say about what CERN really is and where they are headed from here please take the time to watch the informative video below. While hard to follow at first this interview is packed with information that most people would not be able to wrap their heads around. Let us know what you think about this after watching. Enjoy!

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