WATCH: Chilling moment 'possessed' woman SMILES after hearing she's 'dead' during exorcism


The dramatic footage shows the woman repeatedly saying she is “not the same” before the exorcist told her she was dead.

She then had a violent fit as several men, who continued to chant at her, struggled to hold her down on the bed.

The harrowing clip began with an exchange between the young woman and an exorcist shown wearing a white outfit and long necklace, who told her “you’re dead” before adding: “And the baby?”

After the woman, who spoke Spanish throughout the video, asked “what baby?” as the exorcist pointed at her stomach and said: “You’re pregnant.”

Sitting on the edge of the bed, the distressed woman then started wailing “he hears me, he hears me, he hears me”.

The harrowing video then cuts to her standing, held up by two men wearing black, before she flies back onto the bed – kicking her arms and legs out violently as the men try to contain her limbs.

Holding her down and chanting prayers, the distressed woman – wearing dark coloured clothing and surrounded by candles – stretched her head back and bared her teeth with a chilling grin.

The men are pictured clasping their hands over her as she thrashed from side to side, shouting as if in intense pain.

Two woman hold hands over her body, lowering them towards her before releasing again, as several others continue chanting at the apparently “possessed” victim.

The video ends with her appearing to calm down, holding a hand to her throat, seemingly out of breath and visibly shaken. 

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