WATCH: Bizarre 'crystal clear' torpedo UFO filmed over UK flying saucer hotspot


No one has been able to explain what the metallic-looking torpedo shaped object filmed in the skies above Manchester could be.

The city was revealed as the UK’s UFO sighting hotspot earlier this year. 

In the latest clip, the pipe-shaped object can be seen floating around the clear blue sky in Denton, Manchester.

Adorned with lights that flash from white, to blue, to purple, the mysterious object is long and narrow, rather than the disc-shape commonly associated with UFOs.

The strange sight was caught on camera as the object flew apparently “higher than planes,” according to the owner of the footage.

Posting the clip on social media, he wrote: “Knowing how high it appeared in the sky, I’m guessing its size was massive.”

He said the UFO was seen for around 40 minutes before rising so high it could no longer be seen.

The video has gained significant interest from alien believers keen to know if we are alone in the universe.

One social media user commented: “Absolutely amazing footage. Definitely an extremely large, cigar-shaped UFO.”

Another user also thought the video was convincing, saying: “It looks like part of a space shuttle.”

One person posted under the video: “I saw the exact same thing over my house in Worcestershire a few years back… Definitely changed my opinion on the whole UFO thing, amazing to see a video of it!”

But one UFO sleuth appears to have cracked the case already.

In response to claims aliens could have been arriving, Scott Brando, of uploaded video of an identical looking solar balloon, which he said was almost certainly what the object was.

He said: “It was a solar balloon like this.”

Image result for solar balloon

A solar balloon can be made from old plastic bags of dark colour to conduct heat.

It gains buoyancy when air inside is heated by solar radiation, before expanding.

It then has a lower density than the surrounding air, and so rises like a hot air balloon.

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