Washington D.C. Insider Says Obama Might Disclose UFO Truth Before January 2017


    Paradigm Research Group (PRG), claimed in a recent statement that it had been contacted by a government whistle-blower saying that the US intelligence agency is ready to talk about UFO’s and extraterrestrials.

    Many people believe that Barack Obama will be the world leader who will be talked about for thousands of years to come; the one to disclose all information known about the existence of extraterrestrial life. There is a growing number of campaigners who believe that 2016 is the year we are going to be told the truth.

    Stephen Basset is the only known disclosure lobbyist in the US. He is also the executive director of PRG. He has spent years campaigning to end what he calls a “truth embargo.” Back in May, Express.co.uk revealed they believed President Obama would end up a Nobel prize winner for making the announcement. They say it will be, “more profound than the coming of Jesus Christ.”

    The Mexican government is actively seeking answers from the American Administration about what is exactly going on in Mexico’s skies. What exactly are the objects illuminating in the atmosphere? Although this topic is gaining momentum quickly, it is a very time sensitive subject. The goal is for a new president to step into a stable, post-disclosure status.

    However, if the announcement is not made before Trump’s inauguration, we mustn’t believe that the disclosure announcement is or has failed. Do you think Trump will be the disclosing president? Or will it be Obama? It very much could be another world leader that makes the announcement.

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