WARNING: Do NOT open these emails from Apple or Facebook



Internet users have been put on high alert to pay special attention to their emails following reports that a new major scam is on the loose.

Tech criminals are pretending to be from major firms such Apple, Twitter and Facebook, among others,
in order to trick users into handing over some of their personal
details, security experts have warned.

The warning comes after a recent scam by con men (and women) that send out
malicious emails purporting to be from legitimate sources, asking for
clarification log in passwords and personal details.

This was actually due to poor security measure, known as SPF (Sender Policy Framework), being
incorrectly set up by the companies themselves, which in turn allowed the hackers to
compromise and impersonate them. Some believe this may have been deliberate.

This, however, is not the only scam flying around the internet. Almost daily new scams and cons are being thought up. In fact, recently an elderly woman was robbed of her entire life saving, a mind blowing $1.2 million!

Here is an infograph of some of the top internet scams so far this year;

The best course of action to take is vigilance. Always check the email address you are receiving a message from and even if it sounds legit, it’s better to be too skeptical than not skeptical enough.
Additionally, NEVER ever click on a link carelessly because this is how your details get stolen. And if you meet a stranger online, consider it the same as meeting a stranger in person. You don’t know them and it is wise to assume

In this age, we have to be clever and careful. A bit of paranoia can save you a lot of drama.

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