“Virgin. Beautiful. 12 years old. The price has reached $ 12,500 US and will be sold soon, ” in ISIS sex slave market.


“Virgin. Beautiful. 12. The price has reached US $ 12,500 and will be
sold soon, “says the advertisment. The above post from the Islamic
State which through WhatsApp and Telegram advertise and sell underage
girls even at the age of 12 years as sex slaves.

ISIS are using their personal Facebook pages by uploading photos and
personal data of captive girls. Maintain photographic record of the
slaves women and sell them to buyers. The photos given in blocks of the
organization to know the person in case an escape attempt.

An estimated 3,000 women and underage girls are the “commodity” of
the organization which carried over the Internet. In the past many women
slaves freed by alleged buyers, who paid money to their relatives or
humanitarian organizations.

The Islamic State does not want the slaves to leave its territory, as
regards the ownership and get them back if the buyer is killed in
battle to sell them again.

This is the reason why the rules in the supposed ‘Caliphate’ have
become very stringent, as the “commodity” belongs in fact to the

Social media like Twitter and Facebook have not responded to requests
for the purchase and sale of women and the representative of WhatsApp
speaking to the Associated Press said:

“We have zero tolerance for such behavior and deactivate
immediately their accounts provide items to sell women. We encourage
people who use our platform to block their accounts. “

By James Red via Truth Inside You

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