Vietnam slaughters thousands of chickens following latest bird flu outbreak


    Click on RSOE Alert map to enlarge, red squares indicate humans infected or dead

    Quang Ngai Province have culled 23,000
    birds since last month in an effort to contain the virus.
    Authorities in south-central province of
    Quang Ngai detected another bird flu outbreak, on Tuesday, forcing them to cull
    over 4,000 infected chickens.

     The Department of Agriculture and Rural
    Development of Duc Pho District (Quang Ngai) said the deadly virus was
    discovered at the poultry farm of one Tran Anh Duong in Chau Me Hamlet, Pho
    Chau Commune.

     After a slow die-off began to take hold of
    his flock, on March 2, Duong contacted the authorities, according to Thanh Nien

     Provincial-level veterinary health
    officials collected samples at the farm; the results confirmed the appearance
    of the H5N6 virus.

     This is the third bird flu outbreak in Duc
    Pho District and the seventh outbreak detected in Quang Ngai Province since
    February 7, which forced the local authorities to cull over 23,000 birds.

     Provincial authorities have authorized
    livestock and veterinary health officials to use 8,400 liters of iodine to
    sanitize and sterilize poultry breeding areas.

     Vietnam has recorded a total of 15 bird flu
    outbreaks scattered among 11 communes in seven provinces.

     The country has been racing around the
    clock to snuff out various strains of the H5N1 virus as they rage through farms
    in neighboring China and Cambodia.

     Last month, health and agriculture
    ministries issued warnings regarding the H7N9 virus, a rare strain first
    detected in China in March 2013.

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