US to Sell $7 Billion of Military Aircraft to Four Arab Nations


    On Thursday, the United States decided to approve deals that would supply $7 billion dollars worth of military helicopters, planes, missiles and other military aircraft to a variety of Arab nations. Two out of four of the nations are currently involved in the Yemen conflict which has left thousands of civilians dead in its wake.

    The decision itself could raise quite a bit of criticism due to the current and controversial conflict that is taking place in Yemen due to the Saudi Arabian government. The biggest part of the agreement that transpired on Thursday was for $3.51 billion dollars to the Saudi kingdom. In the agreement, 48 CH-47F Chinook cargo helicopters with spare engines and machine guns were sold to the nation.

    In the agreement, there will be up to 60 Americans that will be workers of both the private and government sectors that will remain stationed in Saudi Arabia to provide maintenance to the aircraft.

    $3.5 billion dollars is expected to be spent on 27 AH-64E Apache attack helicopters, along with support equipment, by the United Arab Emirates. The aircraft was created by Boeing and Lockheed Martin.

    Qatar, however, is requesting eight C-17 military cargo jets with spare engines in a pair of contracts that will total around $781 million U.S dollars.

    The U.S has also approved an agreement to sell Morocco 1,200 TOW 2A anti-tank missiles that were made by U.S arms giant Raytheon for an astounding $108 million.

    All four Arab nations that are involved in the above-referenced contracts are currently American allies. They have purchased major arms in the past from the U.S, and will probably be approved for purchase with no problem, despite the human rights violations that have transpired due to the Saudi Arabian-led coalition against Houthi rebels in Yemen. In this conflict, many civilians have died over the years, yet the U.S continues to fund the coalition against those people.

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