Up Close HD Drone Footage of Four New Crop Circles That Just Appeared in the UK


    It isn’t anything new for crop circles to be found in the UK, however, that doesn’t mean that these are any less significant than the others. On May 21, four new designs were discovered in Wiltshire and were documented thanks to Matthew Williams at Crop Circle Connector.

    The website, which is owned by Williams was created to raise awareness about crop circles which appear throughout the world.  In this most recent crop circle discovery, a series of intricate circles are depicted that connect to one another.

    Coast to Coast AM reported that “this particular formation, one of the four, appears to depict a solar eclipse and bears a striking resemblance to a 2004 design that also showed such a celestial event…Intriguingly, much like how the 2017 crop circle predates this summer’s solar eclipse by three months, so too did the 2004 formation.”

    What could the design truly mean, and what could those who created it be trying to tell us?

    Similar to many past designs, this formation is quite intriguing due to its complexity. While many ‘experts’ claims that the designs are man made, it begs the question of who in the world would set out into the night just to make a mesmerizing design in the middle of a farm?

    Furthermore, how could such complex designs be created in time for the morning?

    To go even further, how do the owner’s of the crops not catch those responsible in the act, because if it was, in fact, humans creating it, it would take a number of hours to complete.

    Due to the mystery surrounding such circles, researchers have taken to their labs to find out more. However, their findings were inconclusive. Professor Richard Taylor from the University of Oregon explains that the designs have been replicated with magnetrons, which are the same compounds produced in a microwave oven.

    According to scientists, this causes the water inside of the crops to become dislodged. In turn, the crops fall over to one side.

    Another speculation regards electromagnetic energy. Greg Jefferys, a historian explains this by saying, “There is a mounting body of evidence that suggests that a rare form of electromagnetic energy called an ionized plasma vortex (generally known as ball lighting) is involved.”

    And no matter how you look at it, whether it be a hoax or an extraterrestrial phenomenon, you still have to wonder why. Take a moment to check out the drone footage for yourself. While the design is mesmerizing, it also draws attention towards the potential for something or someone else being alive in our universe. What do you think, is this a hoax, or is someone from beyond trying to tell us something?

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