Unknown Craft -Blackbird Leys, Oxford-6th October 2011


Location of Sighting: Blackbird Leys, Oxford
Date of Sighting: October 6th 2011
Time: 11pm
Witness Name: Alex Fairbanks
Witness Statement: I was in my garden and saw a bright light in the distance east of my home in oxford and took the picture of this craft with two aliens in it. Since 2011 I have taken several photographs of different crafts and objects in the skies above my house and have uploaded the photo of this sighting to my dropbox. every year when the plough is clear in the sky there is lots of ufo activity over my home.

This is a close up of the craft I saw above my home in Blackbird Leys Oxford, I just copped the original which I have shared and as you can see their are 2 alien beings sitting inside the craft

I have many photos of all different types of crafts and objects which have appeared over my home in oxford.

Source: www.uk-ufo.co.uk

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