Unidentified Object Flies Beside at The Time of Falcon 9 Rocket Explosion



In a remarkable piece of footage that has since gone viral from Cape Canaveral, a UFO can be seen in the official video of the
test launch, which quickly passes over the space-vessel as it explodes.

 After researching a number of different web sites, and considering multiple
analysis, expert and amateur, it seems almost absolutely certain that this is NOT a bird, or a bug.

In addition to this very interesting event, a post on reddit has emerged from someone who claims
they work on site as a welder, and earlier in the day before the launch took place witnessed UFOs in the sky.

The workers are not allowed to bring
phones on site with them, so he has no video, but he offered an account
of the event below:

(We cannot verify or dismiss this man’s credentials, so his claims have yet to be authenticated)

So This is my first post here long time lurker, But today
the Space X rocket blew up on the launch pad if you weren’t aware. I am
a welder at Kennedy Space Center and before
launch a lot of us were noticing strange lights in the sky above the
pad. About 20 minutes before launch there was an impression in the
clouds (its rainy here) of a oblong shape you could almost see the blue
sky through it then 3 white lights appeared in the center of it and then
just disappeared with a blink of an eye they were visible for maybe 20
seconds. 20 minutes later the rocket explodes on the pad
it’s a coincidence I don’t know but hopefully some of you have insight
unfortunately I have no pictures. (We are not allowed to have our phones
on us in our hanger due to “safety reasons” they stay in our locker
till we clock out.)

The payload was the Satellite Amos6,
named after the Jewish prophet Amos built by Israeli Aerospace Industries. It’s a 200 M Sat which Zuckerberg/Facebook was launching in conjunction with the Israeli government to allegedly “give the world
free internet”. At least that’s what we are being told the real reason is.

So was this a UFO of actual alien origin, or maybe a rival government using some of their black project technology? Or is it unrelated? Maybe time will tell.


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