Ultra High Definition Video of Earth From Space Is So Beautiful It’ll Change Your Perspective


    Earlier in the year NASA astronaut, Jeff Williams caught a beautiful ultra high definition 2k video of our beautiful planet from the International Space Station. This video is quite possibly the most magnificent thing you will see today, and quite possibly throughout 2016.

    In the video, he talks about his experience on the Space Station, and
    what it was like to see earth while in outer space. His amazing depiction of planet earth in ultra high definition will leave you in awe. He goes on to explain why he felt that it was important to share this unique, once in a lifetime experience with others.

    While it is so easy for us to get caught up in our day to day life, it is important to stay focused on the big picture. Sometimes it may seem as if we are the only thing in the universe, however, after looking at this video, you will see exactly how massive our beautiful planet is. Contained within that massive sphere are billions of others that are experiencing life as well, and their experience is just as important as ours. Remember that, and share this with everyone you know!

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