UK Follows Iceland's Example As Mass Arrests Of Bankers Begin


The UK is finally set to follow Iceland’s footsteps
as the first group of major Bankers are set to go on trial. Authorities have
now begun the intense process of arresting and prosecuting the bankers who were
responsible for the 2008 crash that decimated the world economy. The first group to go on trial, is
HBOS bankers who are charged with fraudulent trading, money laundering,
and corruption.

The first trial is set for the Southwark Crown Court. Many are optimistic that this will open the flood gates to a number of other prosecutions around the world. It’s time for the bankers to pay!

Press TV reports:

Two former senior HBOS managers and six other defendants will appear in
court this month. The heavily postponed trial was originally scheduled
to start in the beginning of the year. The defendants were initially
charged in 2013.

Those charged also include bankers David Mills
and Michael Bancroft, as well as their wives, who are accused of giving
money and “numerous high-value gifts” to HBOS managers in exchange for

The alleged scam was exposed by Thames Valley Police after a two year investigation code-named Operation Hornet.

collapsed in 2008 and was bought by UK-backed Lloyds TSB. Its one-time
head of corporate lending, Peter Cummings, was fined £500,000 and was
banned from the banking industry.

The British government bailed
out Lloyds at the height of the financial crisis in 2008 at a cost of
some £20 billion, handing the state a 43-percent stake in the bank.

For those still confused about what actually happened in 2008 behind the scenes, and how the bankers screwed the world’s population, check out the Academy award winning documentary “Inside Job” by Charles Ferguson and narrated by Hollywood actor Matt Damon;

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