UFO SIGHTING: 'Real life Star Wars spaceship' snapped HIDING in the clouds


THIS bizarre sighting in the clouds has been hailed as a large alien craft resembling the spaceships featured in the multi-billion dollar movies. 

UFO enthusiasts have posted the astonishing footage on YouTube showing the giant dark-steel-coloured “object”, which appears to have a rough exterior with windows. 

‘Misterio Canal’ claims he captured the spaceship by chance as he attempted to record a time-lapse video of the sky in Peru. 

He said: “It is a mysterious phenomenon in an area where others have recorded sightings of white objects floating in the sky.” 

UFO expert, Scott Waring, said the video footage looks “legit”, adding: “It’s 100 per cent proof that UFOs do life within clouds of their own making. 

“This UFO looks like it is made from the same non-reflective black material that I and others have found in buildings on every planet and moon in our solar system in NASA photos.”

Meanwhile, another user said he believes the footage could be proof of time travel. 

He said: “It may be something that came from the future to collect something or prevent something from occurring. 

“However, sceptical users have taken to the video site to have their say.”

One said: “The object is completely mirrored from top to bottom. Weird.

“I guess whoever created it didn’t have enough on the bottom so decided to mirror it before inserting it into this fake footage.”

Another added: “The ‘ship’ looks traced perfect – so I call this a fake.” 

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