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A COAST woman claims she spotted a UFO flying over Mt Coolum.

In a video posted to Facebook, Mt Coolum sky-watcher Lauren Kurth said the sighting began with a “huge, unusual light coming out of a cave”.

“The light was unusual in that it was very bright yet soft in its white colour, luminous,” she said.

At the time Ms Kurth said she was walking on the beach at sunset with her son, discussing the very topic of UFOs and extraterrestrial sightings.


The pair got in their car and started to follow the light show, capturing it on camera.

“Observe closely, two triangles flying up the mountain from the light to the right-hand side very quickly… in the first eight seconds.

“We drove as close as we could.

What do you think the bright object filmed over Coast skies really was?

“We also witnessed five lightning strikes coming out of the cave, four horizontal and one on a 60-degree angle moving in a south direction.”

She said at that time, her and son weren’t filming, but the whole experience lasted an hour.

“Since that experience something keeps getting my attention in my house and in the area daily.

“My daughter and I have witnessed it once more (since then).”

The last reported UFO sighting on the Coast was May 2017, when the UFO Institute posted footage of an “unidentified aerial phenomenon” shooting across the sky.

Sunshine Coast astronomer Owen Bennedick of the Wappa Falls Observatory told the Daily in 2017 he received about half a dozen calls a year reporting UFO sightings.

Ms Kurth runs a Facebook page, Quantum Contact Skywatch Ufo & Et experiences with Lauren M Kurth, and often posts about her experiences.

Check out her website, here.

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