UFC champ Conor McGregor's new phone causes fans to go nuts


The Dublin-born UFC fighter Tweeted a picture of himself “relaxing” at a Gucci shop and looking brooding as he stares into the distance.

But eagle-eyed fans couldn’t help but notice that he was holding something pretty unusual in his hands for this day and age – an early noughties style flip phone.

Shortly after he tweeted, his followers literally could not contain themselves as they commented on the 28-year-old’s choice of mobile phone.

One said: “Why does this man have a f***ing flip phone?”

Another wrote: “Why are you using a flip phone mr. billionaire?”

And another accused the UFC featherweight champ of being a “dork” for using the relatively old-fashioned device.

Just four days ago, McGregor’s fans were confused again by another of the Irish brawler’s possessions.

He posted a picture on Instagram of an item under the caption: “Solid Gold”.

But the clearly expensive Cartier item confused fans with no idea what it was, with guesses ranging from a lighter and tie clip to a cigar cutter.

But solid gold mystery products aside, McGregor still enjoys the simpler things in life, as his flip phone proves.

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