U.S Navy and NASA Have a Fully Operational Space Fleet


    Gary McKinnon is a high-profile hacker, who has faced a decades-long fight against being extradited to the U.S after hacking into the computers of NASA, the military, and the pentagon. According to McKinnon, what he found when hacking into the agencies computers, could possibly prove the existence of extraterrestrials.

    Many have speculated that the government has knowledge of extraterrestrial entities and have hidden the truth from the public for quite some time. And this speculation isn’t popular just among conspiracy theorists, either. There are hundreds of whistle blowers that once worked for NASA, and other government agencies, that back these claims. Donna Hare was one of these “whistle-blowers” and back in November 2000, she told the world that NASA had edited out UFOs from satellite pictures before releasing them.

    Donna’s claims inspired Gary McKinnon to begin a journey to find the truth. By using a program called Landsearch, he canned documents and files to look for UFO cover-ups. He did this without detection for two years before getting caught. President Bush pushed for his extradition, and barely escaped being placed in a U.S jail.

    In his hacking, McKinnon says that he discovered a U.S Navy spreadsheet entitled “Non-Terrestrial Officers.” While he maintained that the verbiage could be interpreted in a number of ways, however, due to the name, it doesn’t appear that said officers are from Earth.

    On top of the spreadsheet, McKinnon also discovered a “secret space fleet” in which ten warships, all with the pre-fix USS, were included. Due to what he found, McKinnon believes that the secret space ships are being used by the government and are completely staffed with military personnel.

    While it may be easy to brush McKinnon’s statements off as nonsense, it’s important to remember that his claims match up to a number of whistle-blowers. This includes a retired aerospace engineer who goes by the name of William Tompkins. Tompkins has previously stated the same as Mckinnon, that NASA does in fact, own a secret space fleet. He further stated that ordinary soldiers staff the ships after signing up for twenty-year tours of duty.

    Unfortunately, such claims can only be understood for what they are: claims. Without hard evidence, it is impossible to say whether or not McKinnon’s statements are true. However, what can be said, is if only one person makes a claim, it is easier to dismiss. But, if numerous, notable people make the same claims, it is absolutely worth looking into.

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