‘Trumpapillar’ Fluffy caterpillar bears uncanny resemblance to Donald Trump’s hair


Wildlife photographer Jeff Cremer noticed that the caterpillar’s long, blonde hair is not far off from billionaire Donald Trump’s crispy crown.

The researcher who came across the unusual creature even branded it “Trumpapillar” – in reference to the infamous blonde mop the President-elect sports. 

Mr Cremer was doing research in the Peruvian Amazon when he came across the ‘political’ caterpillar.

He said: “I was putting on my boots and someone said: “Hey, check out this caterpillar hanging out.

“Sure enough, it was Donald Trump’s hair hanging on a branch.”

Local people have called the caterpillar ‘ovejillo’ which means ‘little sheep’ in Spanish. 

However, although the caterpillar does not come across dangerous at first, the hairs actually have little hooks on them that can irritate the skin and make cause serious itching. 

Mr Cremer said: “Those spines have hypodermic needles in them that can inject venom, and it’s extremely painful.”

The photographer said the hairs are used for protection against predators and the caterpillars also come in pink and white. 

He added: “The next time you see something that looks like Donald Trump’s hair, don’t touch it.”

Earlier this year, Donald Trump’s former hairdresser Amy Lasch revealed that the President-elect’s hair was “solid and matted” because he used so much hair spray. 

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