Trump: Federal Reserve Must Stop Ripping Off Americans


    The Trump administration has sent a warning letter to the Federal Reserve explaining that the central bank has systematically worked against the new America First policy. Furthermore, the letter explains that due to the illegal operations of the Federal Reserve, the American people have been ripped off.

    In the letter, the administration accuses the Federal Reserve of making bad financial deals with other central banks that have placed a burden on American businesses and their workers. Furthermore, the state that the Federal Reserve has continued to do so “without transparency, accountability, or the authority to do so”.

    Continuing, the letter states, “This is unacceptable,” the letter states. “Accordingly, the Federal Reserve must cease all attempts to negotiate binding standards burdening American businesses until President Trump has had an opportunity to nominate and appoint officials that prioritize America’s best interests.“

    When questioned about the letter, the Federal Reserve’s spokesman Eric Kollig told CNBC that, “We have received the letter and plan to respond.”

    As it stands, it remains unclear as to exactly what the Republican representatives are requesting from the Federal Reserve, and whether or not it will impact the American populace in a positive way.

    Unfortunately, Ron Paul spoke regarding the negligence of the Federal Reserve, earlier this month. During his interview, he explained that the heinous acts of the reserve would eventually lead to a financial collapse. Furthermore, he stated that despite Donald Trump’s potential changes in policy for the better, that the best thing to do would be to go ahead and let it happen so that we can begin to recover.

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