Truly Mind-Boggling New Crop Circle In The UK Amazes Researchers


    The appearance of crop circles in various areas across the world has baffled and fascinated researchers and laypeople for years. The most intriguing of these unusual formations have a tendency to appear in the United Kingdom and therefore it fits that the latest reported case of a crop circle has appeared in that country. This circle has been described by researchers in this field as one of the most mysterious and impressive that they have ever uncovered. One such researcher, Colin Andrews, wrote on his Facebook; “I’ve traveled the world for over thirty years investigating crop circles and have never seen anything quite as impressive.”


    This particular crop circle is said to have appeared on a private farm while the family who lives there were on holiday. They came home to discover the huge crop circle, which spans an area of approximately three hundred feet. The crop circle is carved with some intricate, mysterious symbols which researchers have suggested probably represent twenty astrological symbols. The family claims that they cannot find any evidence of tampering around the periphery of the area and none of their neighbors saw anything peculiar while the family was out of the country.

    Over the years many skeptics have claimed that crop circles are simply caused by natural processes, but the elaborate and artistic nature of this crop circle suggests that this couldn’t possibly be the case. While many people suggest that crop circles are created by fraudulent individuals seeking attention and money, crop circle researchers say that there is no evidence to support this claim. Instead, they suggest that crop circles are very likely to be messages from a benevolent alien species.

    Richard Dolan, a researcher in this area, has said; “The patterns of the formations themselves have been studied endlessly. Aside from being supremely beautiful, many seem to be messages in one form or another, often with cosmological implications. None seems ominous or evil. If one receives any sense or feeling from them, it is benevolence. If it were to be the case that these formations are created by an extraterrestrial or non-human intelligence, we might conclude that at least one of the groups here might, in fact, care about us and wish to help us.”


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