Tropical Cyclone 1B Forms in Bay of Bengal


    Tropical Cyclone 1B Forms in Bay of Bengal
    Tropical Cyclone

    1B has formed in the Northern Indian Ocean today and forecasters at the Joint Typhoon Warning Center expect it to move northeast and make landfall in Burma (Myanmar) by April 17.
    At 1500 UTC On Saturday, April 15, 2017, 01B had maximum sustained winds near 46 mph (40 knots/74 kph).
    It was located about 564 nautical miles south of Dhaka, Bangladesh, has tracked northeastward at 15 mph (13 knots/24.8 kph).

    RSOE Alertmap
    The Joint Typhoon Warning Center said “Animated multispectral satellite imagery depicts a rapidly consolidating system with formative banding (of thunderstorms) wrapping into the low level circulation center.”
    Another satellite image shows strongest thunderstorms north and east of the center.
    Japan’s Himawari satellite captured this image.
    Tropical Cyclone 01B is expected to reach Category 1 hurricane status just before landfall in two days in Burma (Myanmar).

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