Trio Of Weird Spheres Land In Peru – Coast 2 Coast AM


A community in Peru was shaken over the weekend when three steel balls fell from the sky and landed with a thunderous thud.

The arrival of the odd spheres, which are rather sizeable, was preceded by sightings of fireballs streaking through the sky by witnesses in other parts of the country.

Not unlike the smoking ‘crater’ spotted in Mexico earlier this month, the round oddities initially gave rise to speculation among residents of Larancahuani that they were somehow related to a meteor or a UFO.

However, an examination by local officials quickly determined that they had a celestial origin, of sorts, that may be more worrisome than an alien invasion.

The spheres, they say, were pieces of space junk that had probably fallen from a satellite or a rocket launch and subsequently crashed to the ground.

While that explanation may assuage the fears of those worried about ETs or meteorites coming to their town, it should really raise concerns for everyone, considering how much space junk is hovering over our heads at all times.

Source: Daily Star / Diaro Carreo via Google Translate

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