This Website is Streaming from 73,000 Private Unsecure Webcams


    It shouldn’t be an easy feat to spy on others, and become a modern day technologically backed peeping Tom. Unfortunately, due to, a website which works as a data base that collected the streaming footage from over 73,000 IP cameras whose owners didn’t change their default passwords, it apparently is much easier than we imagined.

    The website is a self-proclaimed treasure trove of IP camera footage from all over the world, including 11,000 just in the United States. According to Insecam, the victims of their streaming made themselves vulnerable to hacking due to the fact that the camera owners neglected to change their passwords and usernames.

    196 counties are included in the footage database, including South Korea, China, Mexico, United States, France, the U.K, and India.

    With the simple click of your mouse, you can watch footage that is being streamed by an unsecured camera in the world. Most of these are covering office floors, malls, and parking lots, however, there are quite a bit that provides access to the private homes of unsecured cameras.

    While the website has emphasized the necessity of securing your home and office surveillance systems, they have done so by compromising the privacy of many. In a massively creepy manner, the organization has hacked surveillance cameras, and made publicly available what is taking place within private residences, including many “bedrooms of all countries of the world.” With a tagline such as this, it would appear that the website is actually glorifying the voyeuristic spying into other people’s lives without their consent. What’s worse, is they go on to justify their actions by stating that the people asked for it by not changing their privacy settings.

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