This Sleek Sports Car Runs on Salt Water


    Despite the various problems plaguing the world today, one has to admit that it is still quite a time to be alive. I mean, when else has there been a vehicle that could be powered by salt water before now?

    Obviously never. And not only can this car run on salt water, it can do it in style, as well. According to the BBC, this sporty car can go from zero to 62 mph in 2.6 seconds with a top speed of 217.5 mph. However, unlike typical gasoline run vehicles, the Quant e-Sportlimousine uses an electrolyte cell power system that was created by NanoFlowcell which generates enough power to create a whopping 920 horsepower.

    The technology is similar to a hydrogen fuel cell that passes water through a membrane in the two tanks to create an electric charge. That electric charge is then stored and later distributed by super capacitors.

    Water is stored in two 200-liter tanks allowing the driver to travel an astonishing 373 miles before having to refill.

    Inside of the car, you can find a full-length interactive dash that is completed with wood-themed features as well as an Android-based stereo system.

    Currently, a price has not been revealed to the public, but various car enthusiasts believe that it could surpass 1.5 million dollars.

    What is all the more amazing about this invention is that it “offers five times the energy capacity of lithium-ion batteries of the same weight.”

    And while the idea of such a vehicle is out of this world, so is the price tag, for now. Of course, if this type of technology takes off, other manufacturers will surely find a more affordable approach to creating the vehicles that could allow everyone to one day hopes to own one. For now, we can only dream.

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