This Shows Why We Are Living in the Most Important Time of Human History


    In the film, The Collective Evolution III: The Shift, the puzzle pieces come together to tell a story you will never forget. Between the world revolution, quantum physics, solar and cosmic rays, ancient wisdom, and metaphysics, you will be in awe from what you learn.

    Over the past few years, there have been many stages of the creation of this film, and it has been available for viewing on YouTube free of charge. It presents a shift in human consciousness which explains much of what has taken place for many decades. The video is something that many people can feel a special kinship to, and become engaged in as it touches on various facets of our modern age.

    During a time in which many people are becoming aware of a revolutionary shift in the vast expanses of the world consciousness, there are still structures of global control that are working against enlightenment. In this film, you will see a new light of clarity regarding the myths of the nature of humankind. Included in the film are interviews with speakers who provide insight that can be found nowhere else, as well as ideas for a bigger and better future. According to this film, which was directed by the Collective-Evolution, this could potentially be the best time in the history of our universe.

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