This Secret Weapon Could Wipe Out America


    Peter Pry warned Congress in 2015 that a rogue state or terrorist could attack the U.S with a weapon that would destroy the nation. According to him, 9/10 American’s would be left dead due to “starvation, disease, and societal collapse.”

    So, exactly what type of weapon could destroy America in the manner? An electromagnetic pulse. Pry. who was the executive director at the EMP Task Force on National and Homeland Security, explained that an adversary could detonate a nuclear device in the atmosphere over the U.S. In turn, an EMP would follow that would devastate the. According to him, national power outages would occur and the nation’s electricity grid would be nonexistent.

    “What happens when, when the grid comes down, is there are surges of electricity that blow the big transformers,” Roscoe Bartlett, a former member of the House of Representatives who spearheaded the creation of a Congressional EMP Commission, said. “The estimate is that we could lose somewhere between 100 and 200 of those; that means that the grid would be down for a year or more.”

    Of course, what he said was spot on. If such a situation was to occur, U.S critical infrastructure would be left vulnerable to both cyber and physical attack. And the threat of such an attack is very real. If the U.S was to receive such an attack, millions would starve, lack clean water and encounter a state of unrest. 90% of the population would die-nearly 300 million people. Of course, the U.S holds the highest military budget than any nation in the entire world. Such an attack would be suicide.

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