This Revolutionary Spray Turns Windows into Solar Panels


    What’s the first thing you notice in a big city? All the windows on the buildings. There are millions of windows in the city, and scientists just found the perfect way to utilize them.

    If there were simply a way to make all glass absorb energy, we could completely fall away from using fossil fuels. Scientists from the US have figured out a way to do this. They have created a spray that will turn any window into a solar panel! How does it work? It’s really scientific, so get ready.

    The glass gets treated with a coating composed of carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen, and SolarWindow secret ingredient. To make it transparent, they applied the coating in liquid form at ambient pressures. Put it all together and you have a solar panel window! The window absorbs light energy and transforms it into useable energy.


    Another great thing about this new invention is that it allows all currently constructed buildings to cheaply “install” panels and no one has to replace the windows. There are an estimated 85 million detached homes and commercial buildings that could benefit from this spray on solar tech. Solar Wind even believes that due to the reduction in cost and ease of an application it is fifty times more efficient than conventional panels.


    Media reports about this innovation have been somewhat skeptical – as though we are all collectively hedging our bets to avoid disappointment. If this technology does exist, and if it does what they say it does, it will completely revolutionize the world of clean energy.

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