This recipe will easily clear your lungs in 3 days, even if you've smoked more than 5 years.


Aside from the fact that smoking is a disgusting habit that imposes on other people whenever a smoker lights up in public, it also kills and destroys health.

In the past, however, much like GMO’s today, doctors and scientists claimed cigarettes were perfectly fine to smoke in spite of a smaller minority trying to warn the public of the health dangers. As a result, we have an epidemic today where people are addicted and going to early graves, sometimes by way of painful death as a result of excruciating lung cancers.

 It is estimated that more than 1 billion people  around the world smoke, 5 million people die each year from
tobacco-related illness, and 600,000 die from second hand smoke! It is a menacing presence to our society that we need to get rid of.

Although second hand smoke is also a major problem in society, smoker’s lungs when compared to non smokers are far more damaged. The damage, however, is no irreversible. In this article we provide you with the ingredients you need to clear your lungs up fast!

 Researchers claim that people who have smoked for longer than 5
years have a higher risk of contracting bronchitis or just throat problems more often. So give this proven recipe a try and help to counter the toxic effect smoking has;


400g diced onion (wash first)

2 teaspoons non irradiated turmeric

1L of filtered water

400g organic brown sugar

1 small piece non irradiated ginger root



In a large pot, boil the water and brown sugar.
Then add the
onion and the ginger root.
The add the turmeric and some grated/diced
When the mixture starts boiling, you should lower the
temperature to a simmer for 5 minutes.
Then let it cool at room temperature, and store it in the


Drink this every single morning first thing in the morning and also every evening just before bed time.

For best results, it is recommended to start an exercise routine, jogging is excellent since you will feed your lungs oxygen.

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