This Man Found A Way To Power His Home With A Self Made Micro-Hydro Plant


    A man named Manfred Mornhinweg found the modern world too “noisy and hectic”, so he decided to build himself a house on a quiet 40 hectare piece of land in Chile. Part of his project involved building a micro-hydro plant to generate electricity for his dream home, and he documented the DIY adventure on his (very old-school) website. I found it interesting, and though that you might enjoy it too.

    Unfortunately, there’s no single photo that gives an overview of the whole micro-hydro plant, but this generic drawing gives a good idea of the concept:

    Here are a few photos from the project:

    This is the outflow from the turbine, where the “poor, tired water” (said tongue-in-cheek, of course — the water’s fine) comes out after doing the hard work of spinning the turbine that generates the electricity.

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