This Is Exactly Why Nikola Tesla Told Us To Study The ‘Non Physical’

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    Parapsychology is something that can range from the study of paranormal activity to the study of telepathy and is something Nikola Tesla wanted people to learn about. He made that very clear.

    Examining the types of non-physical phenomena going on in our world is extremely important in grasping an understanding the nature of our reality. Many scientists are becoming aware of this and hopping on the parapsychology train. We are far from understanding these things, but it appears we are off to a good start. There is a large amount of statistical data and observations that have caught the eye of scientists across the world.

    Some people choose to focus on the topic of reincarnation which is quite the topic. Almost all cases of subjects being able to recall a past life are in children. They tend to lose their past life memories after they reach the age of six or seven and show a very strong emotional involvement when speaking about their past lives.

    It appears most people tend to study telepathy, something that is referred to as ‘dream telepathy’ has been getting some interesting results. This is when someone is able to communicate with another person while they are asleep and dreaming. A study on this has been done by a Stanley Krippner:

    “A wealth of anecdotal and clinical material exist which supports the possibility of telepathic effects occurring in dreams (Krippner, 1974). However, an experimental approach to the topic did not become possible until psycho physiological laboratory technology became available. It was discovered that sleeping research participants awakened from periods of rapid eye movement (REM) activity were frequently able to recall dream episodes. As a result, it was possible to request a “telepathic receiver” to attempt dreaming about a target stimulus that was being focused on in a distant location from a “telepathic sender.”

    You may be familiar with another form of parapsychology known as out of body experiences. These out of body experiences can happen when you are asleep or even when you die.

    In the video below you will hear the accounts of several people who were clinically dead and able to see themselves from a bird’s eye view until the moment they were brought back to life. It appears parapsychologists are doing exactly what Tesla wanted them to!

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