This Glacier in Antarctica Flows Red And When You Read The Reason Why You Will Be Amazed!


    The Blood Falls of Antarctica look more like something out of a messed up horror flick than something you would find in nature. The red blood-like liquid pours out of a crack in the glacier and is quite a shocking sight.

    This bleeding glacier was discovered back in 1911 by a Griffith Taylor who named it Blood Falls. For years on end, scientists were in awe and confused about why the water was so red. In the earlier stages, it was thought the water was red because of some sort of algae. However, that was not the reason.

    It literally took over one hundred years to get a real answer as to why this glacier was ‘bleeding.’ Back in 2004 Jill Mikucki and her team went down to study the falls and in doing so analyzed liquid samples. They were able to find that the water itself held a community of microorganisms that came from a reservoir several times saltier than the seawater and is full or iron.

    It was found that these microorganisms used sulfate for their respiration and so once the water hit the surface its chemistry changed and caused it to become red in color. In a sense, you could say the iron turned to rust, not a brown rust but a rich red rust. These findings were published in the journal Science back in 2009. For more information on and images of the intense wonder that is Blood Falls take the time to watch the video below.

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