This 3 Minute Video Will Make You Question Your Entire Existence


    The universe is gigantic and unimaginably expansive. There is literally no telling what is out there that we don’t know about. It’s literally unfathomable by the minds of humans.

    There is so much about our existence that we are completely unaware of. The cosmos is everything that ever has been, is, and ever was – including us. Everything is interdependent on each other, and we are also connected to an infinite universe and a higher consciousness.

    The universe is forever expanding and growing. People are still forming new theories about how our universe was created and what will happen next. It is essentially the basis of every religion. None of us are entirely sure how we got here or what we are supposed to be doing, but with a life of such cosmic synchronicity we know that it is something much more powerful than we are aware of.

    The video below will really give you an idea as to how big our universe really is, and how much we have yet to discover. It will, nonetheless, make you feel like you’re part of something very special – because you are!

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